Derrick North Letter to Huntsville City

Huntsville Police are currently planning an eviction of one of the last remaining homeless encampments in the city. This would be the third eviction in the last year, and the effects of the previous displacements have been grievous, resulting in loss of contact with support services, destruction of personal property, community separation, loss of employment, …

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Know Your Protest Rights

DO I have the right to photograph or Videotape during protests? Yes. When you are lawfully present in any public space, you have the right to photograph anything in plain view, including federal buildings and the police. On private property, the owner may set rules about photography or video. Police officers may not confiscate or …

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2020 Year in Review: System-Wide Change is Necessary

28,230 Minutes of Phone Time, 36 Community Members Released, $42,800 Total Raised in 2020 | Formed as an emergency response to the police brutality enacted upon peaceful protesters, Huntsville Bail Fund has come to understand the need to address the extreme inequities in pretrial detention.

Announcing “Hello For the Holidays” Fundraiser

Huntsville Bail Fund is proud to announce their 2020 holiday fundraiser, Hello for the Holidays, to give the gift of connection and community to those held in pretrial detention at Madison County Jail. Hello for the Holidays is a two-fold campaign focused on connecting individuals with their loved ones over the holiday season. Your donations will help return those who cannot afford bail home to their families and communities, and will provide phone time to those still in detention, allowing them to communicate with the loved ones they are unable to physically be with over the holidays.