Announcing “Hello For the Holidays” Fundraiser

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Hello For the Holidays
Huntsville Bail Fund Holiday Bail Campaign

Huntsville, Alabama – Huntsville Bail Fund is proud to announce their 2020 holiday fundraiser, Hello for the Holidays, to give the gift of connection and community to those held in pretrial detention at Madison County Jail. Hello for the Holidays is a two-fold campaign focused on connecting individuals with their loved ones over the holiday season. Your donations will help return those who cannot afford bail home to their families and communities, and will provide phone time to those still in detention, allowing them to communicate with the loved ones they are unable to physically be with over the holidays.

We envision a bold, collaborative effort to free as many as possible from Madison County Jail for the 2020 holiday season. We invite all like-minded community organizations, philanthropic teams, and houses of worship across the Huntsville area to partner with us in this effort. 

People assigned a cash bail amount have been deemed eligible for pretrial release by a judge, contingent on paying bail. At the point where Huntsville Bail Fund intervenes, the only factor keeping a person in jail is poverty. That hardship is currently even more serious, due to the lack of precautions at Madison County Jail to prevent the spread of COVID-19. No one should be at risk of seeing their family for the last time because they are poor.

These are spouses, children, siblings, and parents. Nearly half of all Americans have a loved one who has experienced incarceration in some way. Even more devastatingly, approximately 80% of women in jail are mothers, the majority of whom are single parents. Those in pretrial detention should not be denied the opportunity to spend the holiday season with their families because they cannot afford bail. By bailing out those who would otherwise spend this time in jail only due to inability to pay, Huntsville Bail Fund will help reunite incarcerated people with their families and highlight inhumane bail practices.

Huntsville Bail Fund is part of a national and state-wide movement to end cash bail. 

To give to Huntsville Bail Fund, to volunteer, or to learn more about Huntsville Bail Fund, visit: To recommend someone in Madison County Jail for bond support, or to learn more about our selection process, visit: To learn about efforts to end cash bail and mass incarceration across the country, visit To join us as partners in this effort, email us at

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